Innate drinks
Innate Drinks

Innate is a range of organic infused water made of superfruits and birch tree sap.
Our drinks are source of antioxidants, organic certified, preserved in an eco-friendly package and low-calorie.

Innate comes in three refreshing and delightful flavours:
Lemon/Elderflower,  Açaì/Cranberry and Wild Blueberry/Pomegranate.

Lemon, elderflower, birch sap

Lemons help detoxify your body and are particularly rich in our world’s most famous antioxidant: Vitamin C!

Elderflower’s sweet taste pairs perfectly with the acidity of this delicious citrus fruit.

Acaí, cranberry, birch sap

The amazonian açaí berry is famous for its huge level of antioxidants while cranberries are high in vitamin C and possess a low glycemic index.

The combination of these two wonderful berries offers a unique taste experience.

Pomegranate, wild blueberry, birch sap

The association of pomegranate and wild blueberry provides a high and yet diversified content of antioxidants with naturally occurring phenols and vitamins.

Along with ensuring a low glycemic index it offers a delicate and refined flavor.

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